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Our Story

food + coffee = goodness


The Food

Our menu offers healthy, and environmentally sustainable living choices as our ingredients are proudly sourced locally.

Our chefs personally select fresh fruits and vegetables from the Brisbane markets multiple times a week. Almost every element of each dish on our menu is prepared from scratch by our chefs at the café.

The kitchen team of five is led by two, highly experienced chefs, and includes a pastry chef.


THE Coffee

Our coffee beans are sourced from Brisbane owned Bear Bones Espresso who pride themselves in over 20 years’ experience working, running and consulting in the coffee industry. We choose to use a dark roast blend, medium roast blend and rotating single origin.

Led by our head barista, the coffee team love using their skills and the technology of our Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravitech espresso machine to transfer the ultimate coffee experience into a cup for your enjoyment.

We use a variety of dairy free and lactose free milk options, and caffeine-free herbal teas.


THE Goodness

Hi, I’m Olivia! I love the supportive community of Graceville, where I live and work. I’m proud to personify the vision, motivation and daily operations as the young owner manager of Goodness Gracious Café. I’m striving to create a culture of friendly, consistent, knowledgeable and polite service from my staff. I am constantly providing training and rotating responsibilities to strive to maintain and evolve my vision.

I’ve created a modern but comfortable, feel-good space to pick up a take-away coffee or sit and enjoy time with friends and family.

We now proudly stock  Scenic Rim 4 Real pasteurised only milk, available for purchase.