Our Story

food + coffee = goodness


The Food

Founded to provide healthy, sustainable and fresh produce to it’s community, GGC sticks close to those roots in serving classic and unique fare.

We are proud to have experienced chefs delivering your meals, with a regularly evolving menu to match the community where we reside. Our pastry chef provides a progressive array of beautiful and high quality sweet and savoury treats to indulge in after your meal, or when on the way to your next passage, all crafted in-house.

Whether for intolerance or preference, we seek to ensure our menu is as perfect for you as possible, so our team will always be happy to tailor your meal to you.


THE Coffee

After assiduously testing all that Brisbane had to offer, we settled on local roaster Paradox Coffee Roasters, for our delightful house blend, composing your coffee. Passionate about consistency and sustainability, we trust the team at Parallel Roasters to provide us with the ultimate coffee blends and service to ensure our coffee surpasses all standards.

Our team love using their skills to construct the perfect coffee for your enjoyment, in everything from lattes to cold drips. Our team are knowledgeable in all things coffee, so whether enjoying with us or from take-home coffee beans, ask us how you can best enjoy your next cup. We host a rotation of blends to suit the season, and so you can experience a variety of blends and undertones.

For those that indulge in other pleasures, we also produce a range of drinks such as organic tea, fresh juices and smoothies. Our menu below displays the full list.


THE Goodness

While we aim to provide the very best in food and coffee, we know that the service is what ties it all together.

Our team maintains a culture of friendly, consistent, knowledgeable and polite service, to ensure your experience with us is peerless.

So, whether kicking back and spending time with friends and family, or enjoying a coffee alone, you’ll always experience our best at Goodness Gracious Café.